Syrian government sued over US journalist Marie Colvin’s death




The family of the US journalist Marie Colvin who was killed in Syria is suing the Syrian government over her death.

The suit, filed in Washington, DC, on behalf of her family, says it has insider testimony from a Syrian intelligence defector who confirms the journalist was targeted and regime officials celebrated her death.

Marie Colvin, who had secretly entered Syrian territory to report on the war, was killed by artillery fire on Feb 22, 2012, in the city of Homs while she was reporting on the Syrian conflict.

The Washington Post quoted Scott Gilmore, the lawyer representing the Colvins as saying “The evidence unsealed today leaves no doubt that the Assad regime methodically planned the attack that killed Marie.”

According to Washington Post, the testimony of Syrian regime defectors provides a credible narrative that is further fortified by recordings and nearly 200 government documents smuggled out of the country, confirming that the government had a premeditated goal of silencing all independent reporting about the conflict.


The Assad regime considered international journalists who were reporting on events in Syria to be outright opponents who needed to be hunted down and eliminated. A declaration from a former intelligence agent, known as “Ulysses” to protect his identity, describes how Syrian forces tried to track intercepted satellite transmissions from the media center to find its location. Once a government informant pinpointed it as a target, they wasted no time in striking




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