Sudan: Sudanese Journalists Union condemns targeting of 24 Sudanese demonstrations .. !!


The General Federation of Sudanese Journalists condemned the conduct of some of the protesters for

demonstrations in front of the building of the Sudanese channel 24 and hurling abusive slogans to its owners and employees.

"Such behavior threatens freedom of expression and contravenes the international conventions governing media freedoms," Union President Sadiq al-Rizaqi told a news briefing on Sunday.

He added that targeting the channel merely because of a view that contradicts the positions of the protesters sends a negative message about the change sought by demonstrations calling for freedom and peace and demanding justice and ensuring the right of expression.

Al-Ruzaiqi said that the demonstrations in front of the Sudanese channel 24 are dangerous behavior that contradicts the values of freedoms and confirms that the country will turn into a dangerous quagmire if not handled wisely by all parties with such strange developments.

He stressed that the right of expression is available to the protesters in all media and the media, but the mobilization of feelings of hatred and incitement against the channel is a regrettable development and denounce not approved by the law and his logic.

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